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Now that your kids are grown, how do you restructure your relationship so you’re neither too involved, nor so hands-off there isn’t much of a relationship there at all? How do you stay close while letting go? And why didn't The baby books didn't say anything about grad school, kids who move back home, or what to do when you can't stand your offspring's new fiance.
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Moving Home

Apartment for rent

When grown-up kids move back home - and 60 percent of them do these days - there are always financial reasons behind the return. They're looking for a job, saving for an apartment or trying to dig out from college loan debt. So, here's a look at the major issues facing families with "boomerang kids."

Moving Out

The first apartment is a mighty exciting thought ... except that you'll probably be co-signing the lease and you may be paying some rent and wait, whose couch is that? So here's a parent guide to the transition from college to the real world.

Weddings, Boyfriends & Relationships

Whether it's a serious girl or boyfriend, or an impending wedding, your child's relationships expand your family too.

Health & Safety

The days of DPT shots and polio vaccine sugar cubes may be long over, but even grown-ups need health care and insurance. These health-related tips for families with grown kids cover everything from HPV vaccines and other shots every 20-something needs, to health insurance for the not-yet-employed.

Parenting Grown-Ups

Remember back when your kids were young and the parenting advice was, they don’t need a friend - they need a parent? Now that your kids are grown, it’s the reverse. Like any adult, they don’t want a micromanager vetting their playmates, fretting about how much sleep they get or how they spend their time. Instead, they’re looking for the very thing you once fantasized about: a wise and loving friend and mentor.

Birthdays, Graduation & Other Celebrations

The days of pinatas and musical chairs may be over, but there's still plenty to celebrate with your 20-something! Browse the ideas below for 21st birthday parties, gifts and graduation celebrations.

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