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Party Ideas for Your Teen's 18th Birthday: Skip...
Celebrating your child's 18th birthday? Explore a dozen fun and exciting birthday party ideas for celebrating your child's new adulthood.
Your 18-Year-Old and the Military Draft: What...
When your teen turns 18, he must register for the Selective Service. Here's what that means and how it impacts college scholarships and FAFSA.
5 Ways the Law Affects New 18-year-olds
Taxes, felonies and the selective service. That 18th birthday comes with new responsibilities and consequences. What parents should tell their kids.
Check These 56 Things Off Your College To-Do List
Going to class is important, but college is a time for fun, too. Explore the college traditions and experiences every student should have at least once.
Great Gifts for Med Students
Looking for great gifts for a med student, recent medical school graduate or new intern? Check out these ideas for gifts for new doctors.
Everything You Need to Know When Your Child...
Turning 18 is a big deal, not just emotionally but legally. Here's everything parents need to know, from celebrations to legal implications.
College Tailgate Party Ideas
Between homecoming, parent weekend and all those college football games, you could tailgate every weekend. So here's a slew of party ideas to add pizazz to that college tailgate party.
Nine Top Drama Schools in the United States
If your soon-to-be college freshman or would-be grad student is a serious actor, you're not looking for just any school. Your family is seeking a conservatory or top-notch drama program on a university campus. Here's the lowdown on nine of the nation's best.
5 Great Family Vacation Destinations for...
Teens and 20somethings are adventuresome travel companions, who enjoy a mix of outdoor adventure, cultural immersion, fine dining and cool shopping. Here, to get you started, are five very different vacation destinations for families traveling with teens and young adults.
Vacationing with Young Adults: Ideas for the...
You don't need to give up family vacations just because the kids are grown up. Explore three tips for planning a fun family vacation with your adult kids.
What's a Baccalaureate Ceremony?
Baccalaureate: OK, you know what graduation is, but what's a baccalaureate ceremony?
Second Chances for High School Dropouts
Just because your child dropped out of high school doesn't mean it's all over. In fact, 75% of high school dropouts eventually finish. Here are four ways your high school dropout can earn his diploma or a GED.
Is Your Child Turning 18? What You Should Know...
Is your child turning 18? There are legal issues to consider. Here are five surprising ways the law affects parents of new 18-year-olds.
15 Jobs for Dance Majors
If your favorite college kid is a dance major, don't despair. She (or he) is following her heart and whether she's into ballet, jazz or Tommy Tune, there are plenty of career options out there. Here are 15 job options for dance majors to explore.
The Top 10 Music Schools and Colleges in the U.S.
If your soon-to-be college freshman or would-be grad student is a serious musician, you're not looking for a college with a marching band. Your family is seeking a conservatory or top-notch music school. Here's the lowdown on 10 of the nation's best.
12 Greatest Board Games for College Kids
Parcheesi may have entertained our grandparents, but board games are enjoying an enormous resurgence, thanks to great board games such as the simple, but hilarious Apples to Apples and fabulously bizarre Quelf. Here's a list of great board games guaranteed to please older teens, college kids and 20somethings, and wow the dorm crowd.
How to Plan a Harry Potter Party for Teens
Planning an 18th birthday party? This grown-up version of a Harry Potter party should appeal to the child within, while entertaining your 18-year-old too.
The 21 Merit Badges Required for Eagle
Eagle Merit Badges: The lowdown on the 21 merit badges required to become an Eagle Scout.
8 Party Ideas for a 25th Wedding Anniversary
Looking for ideas for that 25th wedding anniversary celebration? Look no farther. Here are half a dozen great ideas for 25th wedding anniversary parties.
How to Host a Scavenger Hunt Party
Looking for a memorable party idea for a college kid or 20-something? Throw a scavenger hunt party, inspired by Stanford's wacky freshman foray.
A Sample Rental Contract for Boomerang Kids
Grown kids moved back home? Here's a sample rental contract that covers rent, chores and utilities, to get you started.
8 Amazing 30th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas
Looking for ideas for that 30th wedding anniversary celebration? Look no farther. Here are half a dozen great ideas for 30th wedding anniversary parties.
What is a Junior One-Bedroom Apartment?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >What is a Junior
Sports and Seasons of the National Collegiate...
The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or the NCAA, governs 23 different college sports programs at various Division I,II and III schools.
What does NCAA Division I, II or III mean?
What does NCAA Division I, II or III mean?
10 Great Gift Ideas for Law Students
Got a new law student? Or one headed for the bar? Here's a list of 10 great gift ideas, everything from gavels to pearls, pens and a legal eagle board game.
What You Should Know About Statutory Rape Laws
Love's all well and good, but if sex involves a minor under the age of consent, it's statutory rape. Here's a look at teens, sex and the law, for parents of teens and young adults.
8 Life Skills Young Adults May Not Realize They...
There are other some behaviors and life skills that can help a young adult make a good impression and keep their lives running smoothly.
Inflatable Games Party Idea
Remember those bounce houses from childhood? Put a spin on the inflatable games concept with this college or 18th birthday party idea: an inflatable games party with plenty of grown-up appeal.
Planning an Eagle Court Ceremony
Got a Boy Scout working on his Eagle award? Here's how to plan an Eagle court ceremony, complete with sample Eagle court script.
5 Fun Ways to Celebrate a 21st Birthday
Is your kid turning 21 this year? Explore five family celebrations that would be a great treat for any kid who has reached that magic legal drinking age.
Throw a Hunger Games Party
Like Harry Potter, Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series may have been aimed at the YA set to begin with, but its 20 million crossover fans include college kids and 20somethings too.
15 Jobs for Art History Majors
Is your child considering an art history major? Whether he's into Giotto, Monet or Thiebaud, art lovers have plenty of career path options. Here are 15 job options for art history majors to explore.
6 Gift Ideas for Your Dating Kids' Significant...
Finding a great gift for your son or daughter's boyfriend or girlfriend is a challenge and here are six great ideas to help you find the perfect gift.
What is Rush?
Greek Life & Rush: What is Rush?
College Graduations Are Colorful for a Reason!
Commencement ceremonies are filled with symbology. Explore the meanings of those colorful caps, tassels, and hoods found at college graduations.
3 Ways to Avoid Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Teen hearing loss is rampant and can affect young adults as well. Use these 3 tips to minimize the risk.
Top Music Schools in the West
If you have a serious young musician in your family who is looking at colleges or grad school programs, he (and you) should be looking at conservatories or top-notch music programs within a university setting. Here's the lowdown on the top music schools in the West.
What You Need to Throw the Best Surprise Party
Throwing a surprise party for your favorite 18-year-old? Here are some tips and tricks to help you throw a fantastic surprise party.
College Majors by Academic Area
Choosing a college major was difficult enough back when there were only 50. These days, there are hundreds of majors, in everything from astronautics to viticulture. Fortunately, those college majors all fall into six broad academic areas. Here's a list of college majors by academic area.
High School Dropouts and Second Chance Education
Just because your child dropped out of high school doesn't mean it's the end of the line. High school dropouts can have a second chance at education.
25th Wedding Anniversary Parties: A Retro 1980s...
Celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with a party that recalls your dating heyday, the 1980s. The light-hearted, retro fun of a 1980s theme party evokes those days before your wedding, when hair was big, fashions garish and the music incredible. Hello, Madonna!
How to Assemble an Eagle Scout Binder
How to assemble an Eagle Scout binder.
Boy Scout Merit Badge Tips
11 Tips to Make Earning Boy Scout Merit Badges Easier
Got Fleece? Use That Scrap to make a Cozy Dorm...
Create a cozy rug from scrap fleece with this easy tutorial. It is the perfect TV-watching craft project and makes a nice housewarming or dorm gift.
When It Makes Sense to Drop Out of School
From a parent perspective, dropping out of school sounds like the end of the world. But there are some situations in which dropping out - or at least stopping out - makes sense.
Beware the 8 Hidden Costs of Moving Into Your...
The 8 hidden costs of moving into your first apartment. Here are the important things to budget for when moving into your first apartment.
First Apartment 101
Whether your child is mid-college or a recent grad, at some point he'll be renting his first apartment. Here's what parents need to know about that first apartment, including the finances.
5 Dangers of Facebook
There's no denying the popularity of social networking sites among teens and 20somethings. But parents of teens and young adults should know those sites pose dangers too - and some of those perils have nothing to do with Internet predators.
Eagle Scout Recommendations
Eagle Scout: Required recommendations for the Eagle Scout application.
Dorm Crafts: Easy No-Sew Fleece Pillows
Cozy bedding? Check. Dorm gear? Check. Soft, fleece pillows? This easy no-sew dorm craft project adds a perfect touch to any bedroom or couch.
12 Benefits & Advantages of Greek Life
Greek Life: There are definite benefits and advantages to living in a fraternity or sorority, including several most parents don't even think about.
Top Music Schools in the Midwest
When serious musicians embark on a college or grad school search, they're looking for a music conservatory or a university with an excellent music school. Here's the scoop on the Midwest's top music programs.
College and Teen Suicide Statistics: What You...
College Suicide: Statistics on college and teen suicides.
A Sampling of Eagle Scout Projects
Path to Eagle: Sample Eagle Projects
When College Kids get Mono
When college kids get mono, it can derail studies and make life miserable for a few weeks or a few months. Here's the scoop.
Great Gifts for College Kids & Young Adults
Gift Guides: Looking for great gifts for your teen, 20something or college kid?
Celebrate 30 Years of Marriage with a "Pearl"...
Celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary? Be inspired by tradition and design a fun and elegant (or casual) pearl-themed party using these ideas.
8 Audition Tips for Prospective Music Majors
Auditions are a nail-biting, but critical part of the process of applying to music schools. Here are eight helpful survival tips.
Colleges vs. Conservatories
If your child is apply to college as a theater or music major, these tips will help him choose between conservatories and classic college.
Great Gifts for Business School Students &...
Got a new business school student? Or one armed with a brand new MBA? Here's a list of 8 great gift ideas, everything from ties and pearls to thrillers, compelling reads and more.
Discover the Advantages of Being a Commuter...
Commuter students live off campus while attending college and schools with high commuter enrollment offer special features for these students.
Get Ready to Get Silly! It's Time for a Photo...
The photo booth has made a comeback and it is a fun addition to any party. Get ideas and tips for creating a themed photo booth for your next party.
Aiming for a Toque?
Does your child have a chef's toque in his (or her) future? There are many paths to that career, including practical experience, as well as culinary schools. Here's a sampling of culinary schools and chef training programs.
What You Should Know About Teen Parties and...
When teen parties spiral out of control, the liability for parents can be severe. A look at the financial, civil and criminal stakes for parents when underage kids drink in their home.
College & Conservatory Admissions 101 for...
Everything you ever wanted to know about applying to a college or a conservatory as a music, drama, dance or arts major.
Equipping the First Apartment
First Apartment: From couch to toilet paper, equipping that first apartment is a pricey business. Here's the rundown on everything you'll need.
Top 10 College Interview Questions
The 10 likeliest college interview questions.
Tackling the FAFSA
Worried about college expenses and financial aid? Filling out the FAFSA, the free application for federal student aid, is the critical first step to access student loans and scholarships.
Crafts: College-Themed Napkins for a Tailgate...
It's tailgate party season, and nothing says festive football quite like great decorations - including cool DIY college-themed napkins, using collegiate-print fabric.
How to deliver a birthday cake to your kid's dorm
It's tough being away from your kids on their birthdays, even when the kid in question is a grown-up college student. But you can still help the birthday boy or girl celebrate in the dorms with a birthday cake delivery - or even a mascot visit.
5 Ideas for an Amazing Graduation Party
Planning a graduation party or senior recital reception? Here are some ideas to get you started.
Eagle Scout 101: A Parent Guide
Got a prospective Eagle Scout? This parent guide includes timelines and tips for the entire process.
How to Send the Perfect College Care Package
Everything you need to know to pack the perfect college care package, from baking to packing and mailing.
Health Insurance for Your Not-Yet-Employed Child
Parents are wise to worry when their grown children age out of family health benefits. Here are three ways for parents of young adults to get medical coverage for their uninsured young adults and not-yet-employed 20-somethings, so a case of appendicitis or a trip to the emergency room doesn't send them to the poorhouse.
What is a Retention Rate?
What is a retention rate and how does that statistic affect your family?
Cocktails, Decor, and More Ideas for a Med...
Throw the ultimate graduation party for your new med school or nursing school grad, complete with scrubs-like cookies and Corpse Reviver cocktails.
8 Tips for Planning a Great Senior Recital...
Parents can help a college music major with their senior recital by planning the reception. Simple invitations and food are all that is needed!
What to Wear for a College Interview
Does your child have a college interview in his future? Tips on what to wear for a college interview.
10 Best Gifts for New Nurses and Nursing Students
Got a new nursing student or nurse in your family? Here are some great gift ideas for that new RN or RN-to-be.
A Geocaching Party for College Kids and Teens
These hiking-treasure hunting adventures have drawn devoted fans of every age. Here's how to turn that enthusiasm into a great outing or birthday fete: a geocaching party for your favorite college kid or 20something.
What is a rising senior?
What is a rising senior? Parenting Young Adults.
First Apartment Expenses
Those first apartment expenses pack a financial wallop. Here's what to expect when you spread your wings and head out on your own for the first time.
An Eagle Scout Timeline
Eagle Scout: A timeline for the path to Eagle Scout.
How to Make a No-Sew, Fringed Fleece Blanket in...
Learn how to make a no-sew, fringed fleece blanket for your kid's dorm room. This easy fleece blanket DIY project can be completed in 4 steps.
Graduation Memory Boards
Looking for a good way to commemorate graduation? A memory board or photo collage makes a great graduation gift.
35th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas
Looking for ideas for that 35th wedding anniversary celebration? Look no further. Here are half a dozen great ideas for 35th wedding anniversary parties.
Statutory Rape: What It Means for Teens
Statutory rape is often consensual, but it's a crime. Age of consent varies by state & there are differences between statutory rape & child molestation.
Gifts for Grad Students
Looking for the perfect gift for your new grad student? This list is tailor made for graduation, off-to-school or any other gift-giving occasion involving your favorite 20-something.
5 Things to Consider When Brainstorming an...
Boy Scouts of America and Boy Scout troops have their own Eagle Scout project guidelines and preferences. Here's how to choose an Eagle Scout project.
Artsy Majors, Science Fields & More
Types of College Majors: Choosing a college major was difficult enough back when there were only a handful. These days, there are hundreds of majors. Fortunately, they all fall into six types.
Make a DIY Laundry Bag for the Dorm
Packing up your kid for the big move to college? Send her off in style with this DIY Dorm Laundry Bag - or at least ready to hit the dorm laundromat without leaving a trail of dirty laundry.
Settlers of Catan Fan? Plan a Game Night with...
Settlers of Catan is a popular board game among young adults and it makes a great theme for a party! Get easy, DIY ideas for making the most of this theme.
College Graduation Gifts
College Graduation Gifts: Wondering what to get the new graduate in your life? Here's a round up of great graduation gifts for the new college grad.
Slang Words You May Not Know That Your Young...
If you're wondering what the heck the young adults around you are talking about, here's some help.
What to Wear to Baccalaureate and Graduation
Heading to graduation festivities? Do you dress up? Down? Layered? Not? Here's what to wear to baccalaureate, graduation and those other big ceremonies too.
Art school? Or college?
When it comes to higher education, art majors have three choices. They can attend an art institute, try a large university with a visual arts department - or opt for that happy medium, a university with a strong art school. Here's how to choose...
DIY Party Garland
Party Decorations: A party garland or pennant adds colorful style to any off-to-college or graduation party. Here's how to make a DIY party garland.
A Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary? Traditionally, 25th anniversaries are celebrated with silver, so why not use that silver theme as inspiration for an anniversary party at home?
A Valentine's Day Care Package
Your family may be long past the days of "B Mine" valentine cards and chalky candy hearts, but that doesn't
Everything You Need to Know About Planning a...
Grad Night is a fun party for graduating high school seniors. Parents plan a night filled with fun games and activities to help teens celebrate safely.
The Backyard or Pool Movie Night Party is a Hit...
Looking for a cool twist for an 18th birthday or college gathering? Host a movie night in your backyard or pool and watch campy flicks and popcorn.
4 Great New Year's Parties and College Kid...
Whether it's a New Year's Party, an open house brunch or college kid reunion, the holidays and winter break are the perfect time for a family party.
College Admissions 101
College Admissions 101: A step-by-step guide for families navigating the college admissions process.
Got a Geek on Your List? Check Out Our Top...
The modern geek is cool and their world is filled with science fiction and the latest tech gadgets. Explore 9 great gift ideas for that geek on your list.
What is a GED?
Not every teen is college bound, and some don't even finish high school. They drop out or opt instead for a GED, or General Educational Development, certificate instead of the classic high school diploma.
Countdown to College
The applications are done, the fat envelopes have arrived and the big decision has been made. Now all that’s left is the final countdown to college, paperwork, dorm shopping, roommates and all.
Top Music Schools in the East
Got a serious young musician in your family? Then chances are, he (and you) are looking at conservatories or top-notch music programs at a university. Here's the lowdown on some of the top music schools in the East.
Dorm Crafts: DIY Fleece Scarf and Hat
Heading to a tailgate? Or just crossing campus on a chilly day? These cozy fleece warmers - a DIY fleece scarf and matching hat - are just the ticket.
What is a Certificate Program
Bachelor's degree? Check. Master's? Understood. But what is a certificate program?
A Wedding Anniversary Party: A Greek Feast
A second honeymoon is a lovely way to celebrate a big wedding anniversary, especially when it's a 25th or 30th anniversary. But if you want to celebrate with friends and family, why not use your original honeymoon destination - Greece, perhaps - as inspiration for an anniversary party at home? Here are ideas for a Greek feast.
College Students & Headache Prevention
College students and headaches go together, unfortunately, like peanut butter and jelly, because the pressures of college bring on stress and tension.
What Your Kids Really Need for Their College...
When it comes to outfitting the college dorm, you can ignore those glossy shelter magazines with their fabulous dormitory layouts. Here's the real scoop.
Sample Performance Resume for a Music Major
Music majors applying to conservatories or high end music programs will need to include a performance resume, as well as all the usual college application paperwork. Here's a sample to get you started.
How to Throw the Best Luau for Your Anniversary...
Bring the Hawaiian honeymoon home and share the experience at a luau-themed anniversary party. Find tips and ideas for pulling it off in easy style.
5 Things You'll Find Inside a Geocache Box
Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt that combines outdoor adventure & GPS tracking. Learn what's inside a geocache box & what to take geocaching.
21st Birthday Gifts
A generation or two ago, a 21st birthday was celebrated with a fine vintage from the year the birthday boy (or girl) was born - an expensive and tricky proposition that was easier said than done. Here are six other options.
Make a Graduation Video
A graduation video that traces your child's life from infancy to teen years is a wonderful gift. Here's how to make a graduation video or slide show.
A Twilight Party for Teens
Stephenie Meyer's romantic Twilight Saga and its tale of vampires, werewolves and love triangles has
How to Choose a College Major
Is your son or daughter trying to choose a college major? Choosing a college major is his job, of course, but a parent's job is to provide support and encouragement - and asking some pertinent questions may help. Here are tips for every family, whether your college kid is determined, wavering or completely clueless about how to choose a college major.
Everything You Need to Know When Grown Children...
When grown children move home, it can be an upheaval for the entire family. Here's a list of critical issues to think about.
How Young Adults Can Save Money on Car Insurance
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" >possibilities can have a major impact for
3 Tips for Surviving Winter Break With Your...
Learn how to survive winter break with your college kid. These tips explain how to avoid challenges and what to do when your kid comes home for break.
Meningitis and other dorm scares
As college bound kids fill out their health records for their campus health services, they - and parents of college students - will want to consider the Meningococcal vaccine, which guards against bacterial meningitis.
Health Insurance Problems for 20-Somethings
The health insurance situation for 20somethings has vastly improved in the wake of the United States' health reform - or Obamacare - but there are still some wrinkles that can trip up your college or grad student's health care.
Cookbooks for College Kids and 20-somethings
There's only so much ramen a human can eat. At some point, even a college kid or 20something has to learn to cook something. For parents of young adults and college students, here's a round-up of learn-to-cook cookbooks to help.
4 Tips for Parents of Adult Children:...
Now that your kids are grown, how does an empty nest parent restructure the relationship so you’re neither too involved, nor so hands-off there isn’t much of a relationship there at all? How do you stay close while letting go?
The Emotional Side When Adult Children Move...
Parent emotions can go haywire when their grown kids move back home. Young adults may move home to recover from student loan debt or a personal crisis, but parents can't help but wonder if they did something wrong.
5 Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree
5 Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree: There are other paths to career success besides the classic college route - and the absence of a bachelor's degree doesn't automatically translate to burger flippage. Here's a round up of great jobs that do not require college degrees.
BA, BM, or BS... Navigating Music Degrees...
Music majors have many decisions to make. The college important, as are the music degrees they offer. Learn the difference between a BA, BM and BS degree.
Ask the Right College Tour Questions
Going on a college visit? Maximize your time on campus by asking the right college tour questions - the ones that can't be answered by the campus brochure, web site or tour guide's script. Here are 17 important questions to ask.
8 College Scholarship Myths
Check these scholarship myths to make sure your family isn't missing out on college financial aid opportunities.
What is a Double Major?
What is a Double Major? Parenting Young Adults.
Zombie Tag
Zombie Tag: Whether you call it Humans Vs. Zombies, HvZ or some other variant, zombie tag has become incredibly popular on college campuses.
What Parents Want to Know About Coed Dorms
Coed dorms and gender neutral housing are the norm on college campuses. As a parent, you may be nervous and this may put your mind at ease.
18th Birthday Ideas - Throw a Giant Games Party
Getting ready to throw a big 18th birthday party? Make it a giant games party - with an oversized Monopoly or Settlers of Catan board - and your kid and his friends will talk about it for years.
Sobering Statistics on College Drinking
Here's the lowdown on the sobering statistics on college drinking.
Meeting the New Boyfriend or Girlfriend
It's a big day when your college kid or 20something introduces you to his or her new sweetheart. Here's what parents can do to finesse that first meeting.
A Guide to Geocaching
What began a decade ago as a niche hobby - a high tech treasure hunt that used GPS devices to track down
More Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree
More Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree: There are other paths to career success besides the classic college route - translators, for example, and fitness trainers are just two of those jobs that don't require a college degree.
College Expenses Besides Tuition
Tuition, room and board are certainly the major college expenses, but textbooks, lab fees, practice room charges and social tabs can add another $2,000 or more.
Should the Bride's Family Still Pay for Most of...
In traditional wedding planning, the bride's parents paid for most of the expenses. This is quickly changing, but here is how those costs were split.
Don't Let Your Tush Get Soar at the Stadium!...
Create your own stadium seat with this easy craft project that requires little to no sewing. It's perfect for cheering on the team and is a fun gift!
What You Need to Know About College Kids and...
College Kids & ADD/ADHD: Sometimes what looks like academic problems in a college kid is actually an undiagnosed attention deficit disorder.
Think Ahead: What to Do When College Kids Get...
The combination of stress, sleep deprivation and dorm life means college kids get sick a lot. Prepare your child ahead of time with these 3 basic steps.
Top Music Schools in the South
Got a conservatory-bound musician in your family? Don't confine your search to New York City and Boston. There are some great music schools in the South too.
5 More Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree
5 More Jobs That Don't Require a Degree: There are other paths to career success besides the classic college route. Here are five more great jobs - blackjack dealer, electrician and more - that don't require a college degree.
Where to Look to Find Your College Kid Their...
Finding that first apartment can be a chore and a half. Here are a few tips and online resources to help your kid search for an apartment near campus.
Graduation Cupcake Ideas
Throwing a graduation party? These adorable cupcakes and dessert ideas will make that party memorable - and delicious.
Geocaching Gadgets & Apps
Essential GPS gadgets and apps for Geocachers.

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