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Readers Respond: Dorm Walls & Decorating Tips

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Ever tried sticking a poster to cinder block walls? Share your dorm decorating tips - duct tape? Gorilla goo? - here.


Try the DormTape. Nothing works as well on cinder block wall. Available at dormbuys.com
—Guest Ted

Wall Hooks

These are great for helping with organizing... Use 3M hooks with Command Adhesive (the kind that is removable when you pull the tab. These are especially handy for hanging up wet towels so they can dry and be used over and over and over.... :-) Can also be used for jackets, robes, tote bags, backpacks.

Sounds kinda gross...

But the oatmeal from the cafeteria was so thick and gluey, we used to use that to hang our posters. I guess your mileage may vary there if those running your college meal plan are of a higher quality. (And posters aside, I hope that's the case!)

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