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Readers Respond: Worst Roommate Ever

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Fermenting laundry, bizarre habits, compulsive "borrowing"? Share your worst roommate stories here!

We live with a snitch !!!

This roommate my boyfriend an I live with works for the apartment complex an was cool with us smoking pot in the living room for the longest time . He was cool but annoying and EXTREMELY obnoxious to the point it makes you feel really uncomfortable and wanna slap him . He didn't say anything to us about it for a little while and our other roommate smokes too so he didn't hear anything either. One night we had a friend over and our obnoxious roommate says " I'm gonna get the cops in here an y'all are gonna go to jail !! " so my boyfriend and I stayed in our room for the longest time , we only came out of there if we were going out or to wash our dishes an put them back . Recently we get a knock on the door and it's the cops , I go back in my room ,lock the deadbolt and start hiding my pieces . We had less than a speck of pot in our room and they wrote us up for it. We know it was him that called them an almost ruined our lives .He's playing with fire an I hope he's ready to get burned

Devil for a brother

I share a room with my older brother. He always beating me up. I can't go to the door without getting tackled and hit. When I had a girlfriend, he pulled out all his playboy magazines and said they were mine so she broke up with me. When I was playing my psp he took it from my hands threw it on the ground and smashed it, and my mom didn't even do anything about it. When I was about to play the wii I couldn't find my games, the games were under my brother bed. When I grabbed the games he tackled me and beat me. I was about to run away but he stole my backpack, pocket knife, my wallet, and my jacket. Now I have no money. Last when my grandpa died he gave me his gold pocket knife and he stole it. My grandpa also gave me his motercycle and my brother jacked it and drove it to his girlfriends house. Man he is going to get it one day.
—Guest Younger bro


My roommate just stole 6000 from my room. yes i know i shouldnt have had money in room, was getting ready to buy vehicle any day, wanted cash on hand. i have no proof he did it, and dont know what to do. cant call police. very upset. thinking of destruction.
—Guest fckedinwa

Petty four

Absolute petty little girls with nothing better to talk about than each other, other people (behind their backs) or mock and hate on my relationship with my bf. My bf and I share a room in the house, and we feel like we can't come out because they're always around being immature little girls who have no life.
—Guest Luise

annoying roommate

I moved to a new state to be with my boyfriend but we won't be living together until October when my current lease is up with my roommate I met online. At first she seemed fine, until she started having a parade of men come at all hrs of the night that she met online and when they turned into their psychotic selves, she would leave and go to her parents house. Five months till October. Believe me I cannot wait to get away from the fat cow.
—Guest Luna


My moms room mate is soooo horrible. She stole my moms credit card and took over $8,000 and said she did not do it and my mom believed her. She also stole $180 of my B-day money. The thing i hate most is she pops pain pills and sells them. I'm 13 and she tries to boss me around. I'm going to lose it. She was jealous of my mom's man (my dad) and when my mom and her were supposed to go out to the club, she kept telling my dad to go with her. Like come on are you serious. She is always on her phone playing poker. She cleans our dishes half ass and then asks my mom to buy her stuff. She smokes cigarets and she smells so bad.

Black Magic

I had this room mate who thought that he was seriously a warlock. He would start chanting all this really freaky stuff ... I think it was Latin or something. I was always cleaning the dishes, bathroom etc. and he would come out of his room, that stank like cheap candles, and I'd ask him to help out with the chores a bit. He said that the stars weren't aligned correctly or something stupid like that and that we were in deep trouble if he didn't cast some stupid spell. One day I was just really busy and was like "Hey bro, can you cast a cleaning spell on this apartment?" and he FREAKED OUT. I have a black belt in karate though so that got solved right away.
—Guest KarateGuy

Sister from hell

I moved in to help out my mom, and my sister lives in the living room. She does not clean, she does not throw the trash away, she let it pile up and she thinks she owns the living room. you can barely walk by the living room because it's like you're in the tv show hoarders. she steals from my mom and calls her all sorts of names and she calls me bad words and remarks all the time. she even called the cops on me because i cleaned the kitchen and moved her stuff too. the worst part - she has a little cute girl that she bosses around like a little servent. And she never has payed rent and she is almost in her 40s. get up, get a job and clean your mess and start paying rent or do us a favor and move out.
—Guest Bettyboopgirl69

you guys think you have it bad

This couple took me in as friends because I was facing being homeless. Excited that they said yes to me living with them basically rent free (so long as I cleaned their house) Imoved in right then. Its been 6 months and I hate life in general. They do hard drugs like meth and make life hell for everyone in the apartment, steal and lie to manipulate everyone out of money and emotionally and mentally abuse me. I am treated like a maid but instead of equal living... I traded my freedom. I get abused and manipulated. My personal things are constantly searched through... my phone, my boxes, bags, purse, etc. They yell all the time... at each other and me and everyone else. They use intimidation and manipulation to control and often are only nice when they want money or me to buy them sudafed... I HATE THEM. But where else do I go but the streets?
—Guest scared_all_the_time


I am currently living with a roommate that thinks the entire apartment belongs to her. She refuses to sleep in her room and yells at me for waking her up when I'm only making breakfast before school. My room is extremely small, and being stuck in here really sucks. She will "clean" the apartment by taking all of my things from the living room and throwing them at my door (sometimes breaking them), while also leaving her things strewn about. she yells at me for doing all the things she does herself. I didn't even want tv service but she convinced me to put it in my name and now she won't pay it. She also is a few months behind on rent.
—Guest stuck

Drunk Bitch

My roommate used to do this all the time. She would bring over friends and have them drink with her for about half an hour. Then she would pass out from being drunk. Leaving me and my two other roommies to deal with her company. It got so bad one time she invited over high school kids over and they ended up taking my flask and two bottles of booze because she passed out and none of us wanted to deal with it anymore. The worst part is, she moved out, and still comes over and does this bullshit.
—Guest Annoyed

sister in law from hell

My boyfriend and I agreed to move out his younger sister from Michigan. She is the most crude, ignorant, moronic person I have ever met! She owes him thousands of dollars and has only paid back 100 dollars- that's all! Everyone who meets her is immediately put off because her idea of humor is belittling the other person and shouting out every negative thought that pops into her head. She is a fat, ugly cow that eats shitty food all the time. No joke- my freezer is filled with corn dogs and other nasty stuff. She prides herself on never using the dishwasher, but her hand washed dishes are often covered in food and she never seems to find the energy to move the dry dishes to the cabinet. She has never once taken the kitchen trash out, but instead fills it to the brim with panty liners, rat bedding, and other items. We are also fairly certain she has stolen money from us. Go back to the middle of the country you ungrateful fool and take some responsibility for your life.
—Guest fed up

dirty crackheads now YOU beat that

so my gf and i moved into this house and we were wanting roommates, so we got this guy. super nice we got along great all that. then his friend who is a female(not dating) wanted to move in. apparently she was clean happy not a smoker never drank blah blah blah... she smokes like a chimney, not to mention our smokes. if she finds alcohol in the house its magically hers. clean? now that thats just gross! she never did a dish. she took my gf's razor. when she finally moved out put a safeway bag filled with USED tampons behind the toilet. another one of the roommates was a crack head - he had the cops at the house at least every second day for a month. he started to threaten us and he got violent with me one day. he stole alot of our stuff too like the tv, a dvd player, even a couple pots - and that's just the tip of the iceberg
—Guest disasterhouse

Narcissitic flatmate

my flatmate is the laziest most selfish person i have ever met. She does not clean up afterherself. Has fungal nail infection and walks around barefoot and never washes the bath after she uses it( she pretends to do so by spraying bath cleaner in the bath and leaving it), believes that since i am paying for broadband that i should let her use it for free (i said she can use it but share the bill)..there is so much more I have never met anyone so lazy....she absolutely believes that people should give her things for free but never does anything to help others...words cannot describe how horrid she is...
—Guest Rhoda

My Third Roomie

Me and my roommate weren't the best of friends at the beginning of the year, but we sure as hell didn't get any closer when he got his dreaded girlfriend. He thought it would be really cool to just have her sleep over every night, never thinking of asking me. It got even better when he thought it would be cool to get a dog, also without asking me and have it live in the bedroom. Also I've talked to him about all this multiple times and every time he says it's cause I'm jealous and refuses to change anything, so when I realized compromise wasn't possible I refused to realize I was spitting onto both of theirs toothbrushes and licking all of their food when I was infected with mono. Not to mention becoming completely oblivious to whenever they were trying to have "alone time". Now they hate me and have asked me to move, and I laughed and told them both that if it mattered so much to them they should both move. And the stalemate continues.
—Guest Bob

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