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Readers Respond: Worst Roommate Ever

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We live with a snitch !!!

This roommate my boyfriend an I live with works for the apartment complex an was cool with us smoking pot in the living room for the longest time . He was cool but annoying and EXTREMELY obnoxious to the point it makes you feel really uncomfortable and wanna slap him . He didn't say anything to us about it for a little while and our other roommate smokes too so he didn't hear anything either. One night we had a friend over and our obnoxious roommate says " I'm gonna get the cops in here an y'all are gonna go to jail !! " so my boyfriend and I stayed in our room for the longest time , we only came out of there if we were going out or to wash our dishes an put them back . Recently we get a knock on the door and it's the cops , I go back in my room ,lock the deadbolt and start hiding my pieces . We had less than a speck of pot in our room and they wrote us up for it. We know it was him that called them an almost ruined our lives .He's playing with fire an I hope he's ready to get burned

Worst roommate ever

My friend Craig was in financial difficulties. He asked if he could live with me for a year. I reluctantly said yes. He has lived with me for 5 months. He has free cable, his own space, heat and electric, and a beautiful backyard. He has bought 2 things of cascade, two rolls of paper towels, and a 12 pack of horrible toilet tissue. He has yet to give money or buy dertergent for wash on his clothes. How do I kick him out? He is a narcissistic sponge. Please help
—Guest Lisa rapper

Porn King

Real friendly guy who worked on my car cheap... A pot smoker but that didn't bother me. I had known him about six months when he told me he was looking for an apartment. I told him my current roommate would be moving out in a month and he could move in with me if he wanted to. Great, he says! His first day there and he asks me if he can put up a bookcase in the living room for his DVD collection. I say no problem... I get home to see a massive bookcase and a DVD player hooked up to my TV. He's showing me his DVD collection and every last one was pornography. He had over 500 DVD's. That evening, after helping him unpack boxes and get settled in, at around 9:30 he heads to his room and comes out a few minutes later in his bathrobe. He turns on the TV, pulls out a DVD and sticks it in the player then sits in his lounge chair. I was on the couch reading a book. After about 15 minutes, I put down my book, look over at him and he has his robe open and is sitting in the chair masturbating.
—Guest Oldhat


My roommates feet smell like old mac and cheese. He is in a frat so he comes back late and is always drunk/high when he does. We're "friends" so he thinks its okay to wake me up at 4 am and bring his frat brothers into the dorm room and make loads of noise. He doesn't take the trash or do homework at all, but expects me to get him adderall all the time. He never hangs out with me unless we're smoking and he still considers me his "friend". I thought it would be a good idea to room with him but all he does is watch vines and jerk off while I'm sleeping. Next semester I'm getting a single, THANK GOD!!!
—Guest Annoyed Stoned

roommate's girlfriend

My roommate was great until he asked me to let his girlfriend stay over sometimes. Everytime she was over she was drunk. My roomate had to only pay about a third of the rent which was fine since he helped me stay organized and he had very little money and he was a nice guy. One day I notice that his girlfriend is staying all the time but I still didnt mind because I didnt see her and she cleaned alot, but then her mail started coming so I asked him to pay more because I didn't agree to live with her. He said it was no problem but she decided tgat since my parents paid for my rent that she could live there for free and she should be entiled to my home theater set up when she had a tv in her boyfriends room. She threw a fit whenever she had to move something of mine that was on my couch that she didn't have a right tooand call me about it whenever. End of the story I kicked them out and they ended up paying more than I would have made them pay. This is for you Emily.
—Guest guest

Dorm Experience = god awful

When I first got to college everyone kept telling me, "you need the dorm experience." first off, there is no topside to living in a room the size of a closet in the basement of a dormitory that lacks air conditioning. And to top it off my roommate is one of the most inconsiderate people I've ever met. It started off alright, decent guy, didn't stay in the room much and held a conversation every now and then. That lasted for 2 weeks until he went into this recluse mode. Never leaves the room, save to go to class. took up 75 % of an already tiny room by taking down his loft without asking if I wanted to as well. He blares his backwoods bluegrass country constantly, only turning it down if I actually ask him. When he sleeps he makes this disgusting slurp noise, and having to listen to him eat makes me want to vomit. Is it that hard to chew with your mouth closed? good god.
—Guest never ends

leave now

My roommate my freshman year never went to class and stayed up until about 4 or 5 am playing games and listening to music. I had to physically turn his stuff off to get some sleep ( I'm about twice his size also I wrestle ) he didn't get why I went to all my classes. He never took a shower or did laundry his mom picked it up once every 2weeks and it smelled so bad. He flunked out his second semester.
—Guest don

college roommate

i recently moved out of my dorm room because my roommate was a total weirdo.. he would sit there and have conversations with himself. he would even laugh at his own jokes.. also he would never clean up his side of the room. and i'm pretty sure he's never washed his shower robe and it's been 8 months since we first moved in. then he would always touch my stuff. when i would have my radio on, he would walk over and shut it off and sit back down, even when i was sitting in front of it at my desk! and whenever he would talk to his parents, he would flip out on them and yell at the top of his lungs. but before he hung up he would tell them how much he loves them. like wtf?!? I'm so glad I got out of there!
—Guest college student

Immature college students.

When I first got to college I was so excited. It was the first time living by myself, away from my parents. At first me and my roommate got along but as time went on she became very disrespectful. She would come in at 4am while I was sleeping, making a huge ruckus by slamming her drawers and turning the light on, meanwhile I was trying to sleep 'cause I had class at 8am. Then my stuff started disappearing to the point where I went to campus safety and file a report. The other day I walked into my room only to find out my coffee machine was used and there were grounds all over it. Somebody opened up a new box of coffee of mine, used my coffee machine and left a mess. It was definitely my roommate but I can't prove anything. Now one of us is getting moved out of the dorm and I hope it's not me because the problem is her. Another big thing is that she would give her friends her key to our dorm so they could enter without her. WHICH IS AGAINST THE RULES. I have never met anyone so immature and disrespectful.
—Guest DM

My 48 year old roommate has no respect

Ok so we had no problems up until my boyfriend asked me back out in December last year(2013, now engaged and getting married in April). He has done nothing but bring me stress and anger these past few months. He started really bad when i told him i cant live here and that i am moving in with my Fiancee , since well im pregnant and this building is horrible. my landlord has tons of cats just let that sink in and you'll understand part of the reason why im moving out. ok so back to my ass of a roommate. Ever since i told him im moving out he has done nothing but cause problems for me. he even though he knows i hate this woman lets this woman come into the apartment, i understand he pays half the rent too but come on thats disrespectful and it caused me so much stress i was so frustrated i bawled my eyes out that night. he is a horrible parent and lets his daughter whos ten yell at 9am when im still trying to sleep and then lets her run in the apartment..so glad im gone in less than 4 day
—Guest Pregnant and Stressed


When I first moved in, I thought it would be fantastic. Away from my parents, I could eat whatever and freedom. Wonderful! Now? I get along with ONE of FIVE roommates. Currently, I'm locked away in my room as they hold a third party. This week. They complain when the house is a mess (they never clean up), they whine about how little money they have (surprise! It's all going to their alcohol - which, btw, is drinking underage) and how I'm a weirdo with social anxiety (drunk, angry, obnoxious people in my house help with that wonderfully). I move out in ten days. But still. At this point, even I, the passive, shy, awkward girl, is going to blow and throw a hissy fit.
—Guest Locked Away


My roommate is a total bitch. Her favorite words to use is anything that starts with FU. She loves to call me the most filthy names that she can come up with. I am a 60year old woman with alot of health issues. I have talked to the landlord but it doesn't seem to matter as long as she gets her rent money .Will someone please give me some advice
—Guest Mary Sanders

worst roomies ever

My boyfriend and I found out we were expecting and moved into a 3 bdrm house. We had friends of ours move in with us since they had no place to go and winter was on its way. They had a Great Dane/Pit Bull who, as soon as he came into the house, ran to a stack of my pillows, all memory foam, and pissed all over them. Then as soon as they made him stop, he went to our reclining glider and pissed on that. They would come home whenever they wanted and drunk - when there was a 2 am/no-coming-home drunk as we were going to be having a baby. Stupid dog they had jumped on my tummy when I was 6 months along and I almost went into labor right then. They ate our food, dirtied our kitchen and both bathrooms. The female took 2-hour showers in the morning in the upstairs shower so that I had to go downstairs. They broke up and dude let his cat piss all over my newborn's bedroom and clothes and refused to clean it up. Then he got with a tweeker and they were doing meth upstairs where my baby slept. So done
—Guest pissed off

When Fire Goes Down

I have 2 roommates that I got along fine with. We decided to live with each other this year , huge MISTAKE. They are or became very lazy in nature where they do not take out the garbage nor clean after their dishes unless instructed to do so. I had an all-nighter to catch up in my statistics class. After class, I decided to take a nap and I told one of my roommates that I need to sleep. At around noon, the fire alarm came on. It was not a test nor a drill. Luckily I could hear the fire alarm and leave safely. They were outside. Some roommate
—Guest Jerome

Great at First

My roommate was great at first and we got along really well but then she decided to spiral down. She talks to me rudely whilst we're in the room and when her friends are around she makes me feel like (expletive) (as she tells me I am (expletive)). She has her bf in the room while I'm still hear and I can hear them. I hear her whisper "is she still awake?" "I'm not sure she's asleep." Like yes. I am awake. She never does her homework and is constantly asking for my notes, it's like she can't do anything herself. She acts like this is only her room and I'm so close to just leaving. Her boyfriend says bad things about me and then she makes fun of me behind my back. I just really want one of us to leave for good. I'm literally thinking about transferring just because of her.
—Guest Why is this happening

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Worst Roommate Ever

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