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Preparing for the Empty Nest

You planned that baby's nursery meticulously, bought the layette and fluffed those tiny crib sheets - then spent 18 years planning, planning, planning. Now it's time for some separation preparation.

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Review - 'Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks'

Dining hall hacks — recombining cafeteria ingredients into new dishes — have become a thing on college campuses. Now a new book by a Dartmouth grad, explains how.

Review - 'Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College'

Seventeens new "Ultimate Guide to College" offers helpful tips, but it's the Skittles of the college advice genre - colorful, fun and not particularly good.

2014 Blu-Ray Gift Guide for College Kids

Looking for a great gift for your favorite college kid? These movies are heading to blu-ray soon.

Review — "Refeathering the Empty Nest"

"Refeathering the Empty Nest" is the newest entry on the woefully insufficient self-help shelf aimed at parents of college kids and 20somethings.

2014 Gift List - Great Books for 20-Somethings

Looking for a great beach read or bookish gift for your favorite college kid or 20something? This quintet of books includes creepy thrillers, a perfect beach read and the latest from J.K. Rowling.

Dorm Crafts: A First Aid Kit

Health Insurance: University or Private?

Shots, Dots & Campus Health Paperwork

If you've got a freshman-to-be heading off to college next fall, this is the time to make a doctor's appointment for him. (Actually, it's best to have him make

Dorm Debris & Summer Storage

I suspect there is some little-known law of physics that says that a college kid's possessions will double over the  course of the school year, so that what fit

Graduation Gifts: Kurt Vonnegut

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