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Board Game Party: Settlers of Catan Game Night


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Food Ideas for a Settlers of Catan Party
Settlers of Catan party food

This refreshing lemon dill dip makes a perfect dunk for a broccoli "forest" and steamed ocean-blue potatoes.

Photo by Jackie Burrell

Hosting a Settlers of Catan party? The cards and tiles that represent Catan's territory and resources offer plenty of culinary inspiration. Try these delicious Catan-centric snack ideas, including a dill dip with a forest of broccoli florets, lamb meatballs and more.

  • Forest terrain and ocean inspiration: Cut small florets of broccoli and golden cauliflower and blanch them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Plunge them into an ice water bath to stop the cooking and lock in the color. Cut small blue potatoes in half, and blanch them in the same water, cooking until tender, about 10 minutes. Dry the vegetables with paper towels and arrange them in a wicker basket around a bowl of lemon dill dip. Garnish with some forest and ocean tiles.
  • Lamb and brick meatballs: It takes resources to win a game, and those sheep and brick cards are highly coveted items. Cook up a batch of small lamb meatballs and thread them on cocktail skewers, alternating the lamb with brick-like cubes of pepper jack cheese. Serve as is, or add a spicy mint chutney or marinara for dipping.
  • Hexagonal grilled cheese: Using pumpernickel, rye and sourdough, cut out hexagons of assorted breads to make small panini. Fill them with fontina, pepperjack and assorted other cheeses then grill them in a skillet or use a panini press to make memorable sandwiches.
  • Drinks: An assortment of artisanal sodas - Izze or GUS (grown-up soda)- and craft root beer is always fun for this kind of event. Set out a carafe of lemonade or one of these twists on the lemonade concept too.

And for dessert...

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