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Valentine Pencil Cup


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Dorm Crafts: Valentine Pencil Cup
Valentine Pencil Cup
Photo by Jackie Burrell

Decorated with DIY film strips, heart motifs and photos, this easy dorm craft project makes a perfect little Valentine gift and a cheery addition to any dorm room desk. All you need is a clean, empty can, photographs of friends and family, glossy photo paper and tape, both the regular and double-stick versions. One-inch craft punches in heart and square shapes make this project a breeze, but an exacto- or craft knife works too.


  • Download a film strip graphic here - if you'd like to make one yourself, so you can adjust the film strip height or the size of the sprocket holes, you'll find easy directions here. Print three or four blank, black filmstrips on glossy photo paper. Let the ink dry. If you are using a very large can, you may need extra filmstrips. Wrap one around the can to check the length, and print additional strips, if needed.

  • Use the square craft punch to cut film windows down the length of two filmstrips. Use the heart punch to cut film windows down the length of a third filmstrip, so they're evenly spaced. Alternatively, you can use an exacto- or craft knife to cut neat squares and hearts out of the strips. When you're done with the film windows, trim the filmstrips neatly, leaving a tiny edge of white for contrast.


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