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Sample Performance Resume for a Music Major

Or, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrestles with his college apps


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Is your child thinking about applying to a music school or conservatory? In addition to the usual college admissions application, conservatories generally require a performance resume as well as all the usual college apps paperwork. They want to know about their applicants' educational background, as well as their ensemble and solo experience, awards and major repertoire. And if that sounds like a fat pain, it's because it is.

So, here's a sample resume to get you started. It outlines the basic material that should be included, but applicants should always doublecheck the requirements with the school. Every conservatory has slightly different rules. (Be sure to check out this College Admissions 101 for Music Majors round-up for tips on the rest of the requirements, including audition repertoire, survival tips and other helpful details.)


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, harpsichord, violin, music composition

Getreidegasse 9, Salzburg

Music Education:

  • Salzburg High School music department under director Heinz Baton, est. graduation June 1774
  • Private keyboard and violin instruction with Leopold Mozart, 1760-present
  • Master classes with Joseph Haydn, 1770-present
  • Mozart Family Trio, with Nannerl and Leopold Mozart. Compositions by Wolfgang and Leopold Mozart in Salzburg and the royal courts of Europe, 1762-present.
  • Accademia Filarmonica, Bologna, Italy. Works by G. Martini, 1769-present
  • Salzburg High orchestra, Heinz Baton, music director. Performances of "Shenandoah" and "Shaker Song" by Weplaythis Everyblastedyear, 1770-1774
  • Court musician, Salzburg, 1773
Summer Camps and Festivals:
  • Salzburg Music Camp, 1771
  • Harpsichord Fest, 1772
  • Salzburg Idol runner-up, 1766
  • Billboard Classical Top 100, annually 1766-present
  • Der Grammy Award 1769, 1770, 1771, 1773

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