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Readers Respond: Classes, Travel, Hobbies and Dreams: What's on Your List?

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You've spent two decades raising children. Now they're gone and it's your turn for a little fun - new hobbies and classes, and rekindled dreams. What's on your empty nest bucket list?

Dream hobby = sweet spot

For me, hobby is something always wanted to pursue, finally did & one becomes so involved, really is has sweet spot connotation. Bottomline, have to thank mom: post-WWII mom (if raising 4 kids/stay-@home mom isn't work, don't know what is). Admired her independent nature/savvy & after I left home in my teens? Smart woman.....turned my room into her sewing room. Never believed grass should grow under her feet & couldn't ask for a better role model thereof.
—Guest Deb

not enough time

I retired 4 years ago and became a quilter, making quilts for customers as well as for charity and for family. My husband and I are both "ham" radio operators, active in our church and busy with 9 grandchildren.

Not quite done

I remarried with 2 school aged children, the work of parenting has restarted, not full time however. I find joy inreading and looking at magazines now.
—Guest Jess

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